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We have qualifications for:


  • management of the construction site or other construction works
  • management of the production of structural construction elements and supervision and technical control over the production of these elements
  • performance of investor’s supervision
  • technical control over maintenance of construction objects
  • designing, verification of architectural-construction designs and author’s supervision


We offer services in the scope of:


  • construction, executive and workshop designs in the scope of constructions,
  • BIM modelling for design offices which do not have sufficient experience or software,
  • workshop designs of steel structures made on the basis of construction or executive projects,
  • technical support of the General Contractor: quantity survey, collision detection, planning / scheduling of the construction
  • bills of quantities and re-measurement of construction
  • inventory of large buildings
  • making 3D presentations of buildings

Our specialty:

Designing steel structures for various purposes, among others:

  • activity in various branches of industry, trade as well as recreation or rest
  • production, warehouse, exhibition and sport halls
  • steel structures assembly designs

Key benefits:

  • an attractive price/performance ratio
  • full compliance of architectural documentation with construction documentation
  • compliance of 3D model with design documentation and an opportunity to use the model on the construction site through the supervision in free browsers (Tekla BIMsightBIM Vision)
  • increasing your competitiveness in the market,
  • growth of trust among potential customers,


We also exercise investor’s and author’s supervision and provide counselling related to investments.